Art direction, direction, animation, compositing, editing, storyboarding, writing. music production

The goal for this project was to  create a music video that placed a practical set and live actors into fully animated environments, which were built in After Effects and Premiere.

This video is for a song called ‘Domino’ my band released in October 2018. I had been kicking around a rough version of the music video concept over the fall of 2019, and finally began sketching out ideas after having a conversation with Ali El-Gasseir — a local producer and creative (currently a Creative Director at Watts Media). I worked with Ali on sourcing cast and crew, as well as lining up the use of Canon C200 for the shoot on green screen at the Seattle Central Creative Academy studio.

You can view the original treatment here.
TIMELINE: 12 weeks

TOOLS: After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere, Procreate

Producer: Ali El-Gasseir
Camera: Jess Clark
Orauck the Oracle: Elijah Evenson
Domino: Linnea Ingalls
Hair, Makeup, PA: Hannah Clark & Ab Glanz
Song: ‘Domino’ by John Dillon

I carried the vision of the project from the original treatment and sketches, through storyboarding, creating a shotlist, and into the final animation, editing, compositing, and color-correction.

This video was an amazingly difficult and rewarding self-directed passion project, and gave me the chance to deeply explore the capabilities of After Effects and Premiere. The collaborations with local sculptor/performer Elijah Evenson, actor Linnea Ingalls, and producer Ali El-Gasseir were both fruitful and creatively satisfying. I hope to work with any or all of them on more projects in the future.


READING: The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K. Le Guin
LISTENING: Quiet Signs by Jessica Pratt
USING: FunkBox by