—typeface design

Create a new typeface, drawing inspiration from a self-directed conceptual brief and existing type designs.
Type Designer
Type Design
Creative Direction
6 months

In my second year at SCCA I decided to finally tackle a life-long dream of mine — designing a typeface from scratch. Research and sketching for Panza Grotesk began in late summer of 2018 and the design was finished in May 2019. Further weights and styles are planned for the future. 

The idea behind Panza was to create an eccentric workhorse. I was reading Don Quixote while beginning to conceive of the design, and there were so many qualities of Sancho Panza — long-suffering squire of the titular character — that I wanted to imbue the typeface with; his earthy wit, round belly, fool’s wisdom, and his playful freedom with language. I wanted to create the perfect sidekick — there for whatever situation presents itself, adaptable, and entertaining. Suitable for every use from body to display. I knew my first type design was not going to be easy, so I needed as much help as I could get on the quixotic journey ahead.